Cluster 1: Continuous optimization

Stream 1a: Nonlinear Programming I

Stream 1b: Global Optimization

Stream 1c: Nonsmooth Optimization

Stream 1d: Semi-Definite Programming

Stream 1g: Derivative-free and Simulation-based Optimization

Cluster 2: Discrete Optimization

Stream 2b: Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

Stream 2f: Computational Discrete and Integer Optimization

Cluster 3: Optimization under uncertainty

Stream 3a: Continuous Stochastic Programming

Stream 3d: Multi-stage Stochastic Programming and Reinforcement learning

Cluster 4: Applications and Computation

Stream 4a: Networks and Telecom

Stream 4c: Scheduling and manufacturing

Stream 4h: Game Theory

Stream 4i: Industrial applications

Cluster 5: Special Presentations

Stream 5b: Keynote speakers

Stream 5c: Special sessions