Conference Program

IMPORTANT: In order to submit a talk to the symposium, one must first create a profile using the Sign Up button in the top right corner.

ISMP 2024 rules:

  • Each attendee can give at most one talk. Plenary and keynote talks do not count towards this limit, i.e., plenary/keynote speakers may give one talk in a regular session in addition to their plenary/keynote presentation.
  • A session is a set of 4 presentations, totalling 2 hours, or of 3 presentations totalling 1h30.
  • Each session is chaired by a single chairperson. In order to avoid scheduling conflicts, it is recommended that the chairperson is selected from the speakers of the session.
  • A minisymposium is a set of two to four sessions on the same topic within a single stream. Each session in a minisymposium has the same name, but with the suffixes 1, 2, 3 or 4. Example: the three sessions of the Derivative-free minisymposium are named Derivative-free 1, Derivative-free 2 and Derivative-free 3.